Had lunch at a restaurant that’s known for its biryani. Ordered extra spicy for my chicken entree and it tasted mild. Don’t get me wrong, all the foods we had were fucking delicious, but…I was sadly underestimated again.

The managers response to my calling out their “extra spicy” dish? “You’re crazy man. You’re a different kind of Indian. Don’t worry, next time you come back, I’ll do a special order for you to make it extra-extra spicy.”

"I am fire. I…am…DEATH!" - Smaug
Also, I’m Filipino…American. Still gotta get used to saying that. lol

It’s like I’m waiting for something to happen for something to happen. Even with this shit I’m procrastinating. Fuck me. No, don’t.

Just finished a round of Torchlight 2 with my new Engineer, Jeeves, and all I can say is…BWAHAHAHAHA. HA. Sleep nao.

Cringing while watching The Streamy Awards.

From the poorly timed music loop used when presenting awards, to the clear technical problems, and the uninterested audience…it’s like watching a small-time awards show pretending to be The Oscars or The Emmys or even The VMA’s…oh wait, it is.

Still though, it has its entertaining moments and tons of awkward scripting from the show’s writers.